View Full Version : Overlapping Appointment Control; Calendar Views

May 8th, 2004, 04:51 PM

I use Calendar to schedule appointments for our little company. We have a maid service and send 2 teams of cleaners out daily. Here's the 1st problem I have:

There are 6 appointments for the day, each team having 3. So there are 2 sets of overlapping appointments. I want Team A's schedule in one column, and Team B's in the other. But I can't get them that way. When I juggle the appointments up and down, they automatically (and apparently randomly) shift from one column to the next. I need a dedicated column for each team.

I could use separate calendars, but that involves copying individual appointments back and forth, which is cumbersome. Is there any convenient way to solve this?

Problem 2: I like the 5-day view. But it shows very little information when either recurring or reminder appointments overlap. That's when I see the alarm bell or recurring logo on the left, with no text beneath it for the length of appointment. I can't even see who's appointment it is then.

Problem 3: Any way to get the 5-day calendar to print out just as it appears on screen? What I do now is take a screen shot, paste to Word and print. Print options in Calendar change the format.