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April 26th, 2004, 09:47 PM
To add to the party, we are also having the same problem
at my company. Here are some details that will hopefully

Server: W2k Server with Exchange 2000
Workstation: WinXP with Office 03 Basic (2.4 Celeron,
512meg RAM).

I am able to reproduce this problem consitantly. It seems
to be completely random which shortcut disappears, but
will happen within two or three clicks. All of the
shortcuts point to calendars that are being shared.

If I go directly to the calendar the calendar disappears
from the list.

This problem is holding up the Office 2003 rollout in my
company. Any help would be greatly appreciated (if you
need more details let me know).



>-----Original Message-----
>We've been having a similar problem at my workplace. We
>upgraded everyone to Outlook 2003 and under the Calendar
>category on the left we have shared calendars. They
>disappear once in a while when clicked on for some reason.
>We were thinking it was an issue with the server we have
>Exchange on or the computers running Outlook. The server
>and the workstations don't have the most memory in the
>world, and maybe opening other calendars takes up too big
>of a chunk for the system to handle.
> --Keith
>>-----Original Message-----
>>Hello - One of my users is having a strange problem.
>She has access to several other user's calendars
>(permissions are set up properly and were working fine in
>Outlook XP). We have the calendars set up in shortcut
>groups in the shortcut view in Outlook 2003. When she
>clicks on one user's calendar and then tries to go
>directly to another user's calendar, the second user's
>calendar shortcut disappears and we have to re-add it.
>This doesn't happen when she views her own calendar, just
>the others users (they've all been added as additional
>mailboxes under the Advanced tab). There are no problems
>viewing the calendars when using the Folder List - just
>the shortcut pane. Anyone ever seen this before? Thanks!