View Full Version : Appending Weekly Sales to a table

May 25th, 2004, 04:44 PM

I have a table of 2004 sales and need to create a report
of weekly sales for the year. The data is stored in a
table called 2004Sales which is constantly having new
transactions added to it. The report will be part of a
forms application and will appear as a button. People
will probably run this report every week. What I think I
want to do is to create a table that gets appended by a
macro. I can have this macro to be scheduled to run once
a week.

The data in this table needs to have two fields. One is
the week name while the other is the sales for the week.
I want to use Every Monday as the week name so the first
week name would be January 5th, the second would be
January 12th. I know how to run a query in order to get
last week's sales. But what I want to do is to append it
to my existing table and create both the sales amount for
the week and the week name. Can someone help me with how
to do this?