View Full Version : Photo Editor Standard Behaviors

May 11th, 2004, 11:54 PM
Can someone tell me what the default behavior is for MS
Photo editor.

I am running Office 2000 SR-1.
A EU called saying that when she click on a graphics
attachment in Outlook, it prompts her to save or open.
When she opens, it launches MS Phoro Editor in the
Taskbar, but it is minimized. I explained to her that
sometimes MSPE keeps the settings from that last time it
was closed and that it is launching minimized. I showed
her how to Right-Clicik on the taskbar and then click on
Maximize or Restore.

She then got frustrated saying she knew how to do that.
Her complaint is that she said the program would launch
minimized and that in some cases, when she Maximized, she
would get a blank screen.

I did not want to argue with her over the phone so I am
asking you guys.

Before I return her call, I wanted to get a basic
understanding of MSPE in the way it should launch. I
suspect that she may have a corrupt GIF file. I wanted to
get the facts before having her test it with me at least
10 times with different graphics attachments.


Chris Schatte
May 12th, 2004, 02:31 AM
Had this problem before, and your supposition on corrupt file/files is probably correct.
We used Photo Draw as an alternative editor for our files/save in native format then jpg or gif, etc...
After this PE worked. Did not use PE much after, switched to Photo Draw (learning curve involved) and never had/have problems, even with Office 2003.
Just a shot, possibly may not help your problem.