View Full Version : saving dump file of error report

Peter Gruendler
May 6th, 2004, 08:01 AM
The error reporting feature of MS office generates a dump file with the
extension .dmp, which can be viewed via 'view content of error report'
(I'm using a german version, so this might in fact have a somewhat
different wording), where also the file name is shown.

This file does have an exclusive lock on it, so it can't be copied or
otherwise saved away for later use. The file is automatically deleted
when the error reporting dialog box is closed.

In the viewer window, ctrl-A and ctrl-C don't work, so the content can
be viewed but not copied.

Does anybody know a method to save this file?

I want to send it to the programmer of an outlook plugin that recently
throws an exception when closing outlook (although it does do it's job).